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Fairy Costumes Pixie Costumes

Fairies & Pixies Costumes in stock now, ready for immediate delivery. Dress Up as a Pretty Fairy & flit around waving your wand at the guests and granting wishes or try our Ice Pixie & Winter Fairy Costumes for an icy feel. Make a wish and you can turn into a Flower Fairy, Leafy Sprite or Spring Fairy with our magic wand. For those who want to be a little Naughty wear our Wicked Dark Fairy or Gothic Fairy Costume & make mischief all night long.
Attention good Fairies and bad Fairies!  Browse our stunning Womens range of flirty Fairy Costumes and perky Pixie Costumes and decide which way your wand will swing. Tinkerbell and the True Blue Fairy are sweetly nice costumes for beautiful fairies who love to show off with a dash of magic fairy dust.  Our Amethyst Fairy Costume and our Autumn Fire Fairy Costume give a splash of exciting colour to any Fairyland party while our Dark Nymph Costume means move over, girls… it’s time for some naughty party tricks!   Don’t forget our spectacular Elf Costumes with our nifty Christmas Elf being top of the party pops.  You’ll shimmer in our teeny, tiny Hot Rod Elf Costume with its sexy green lame mini dress.  The Sprite Costumes need a mention ‘cos they are just too cute… with our Bright Sprite Light Costume letting you glisten in rhinestones and sparkling tiara.  Women will love shining in our gorgeous Fairy Costumes and fluttering their party wings in the prettiest Pixie Costumes in the whole kingdom.