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Lady Bugs & Bees Costumes

Lady Bug Costumes in stock now & ready to deliver. Feel cute & buzzy in our Bumble Bee Costumes & Honey Bee Fancy Dress, you can buzz around all night long, but be careful not to sting anyone. If it is buggy Party we have the perfect Sexy Lady Bug & Love Bug Costumes for you now. Everyone loves a Lady Bug & you can collect wishes from special Party people as you flit around
Welcome to the buzzing world of Womens dazzling Lady Bugs and Bees Costumes - for fancy dress party fun or just frolics in the garden.  Our Sexy Queen Bee Costume is a star… she gets to wear the crown and has a sting in her voice with those cheeky Honey Bee Costumes.  Our mischievous Gettin Busy Bee Costume hides in the hive and could end up in buzzy bee trouble while our adorable stripey Little Bumble Bee Costume is happy just buzzing along.  No time for daisy hopping!  Our Cutie Lady Bug Costume is as cute as a bug’s ear, while the gorgeous polka dot stockings on our Sexy Lady Bug Costume will make her a popular party pick.  Our Mistress Butterfly Costume is for the ladies who want to shine in beautiful satin wings and our Blue Butterfly Beauty Light Up Costume will attract the boys - like moths to a light bulb!  Stunning Womens Lady Bugs and Bees Costumes… spread your wings and fly.