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Monster Inc Costumes

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Monster Inc CostumesMonster Inc Costumes

How funky are the new Monsters Inc costumes at the moment!   I don’t know about you, but out of all the childrens animated movies released by Pixar studios, Monsters Inc has got to be one of my all-time faves.  Toy Story and Cars have got nothing on the superbly told tale of two happy-go-lucky fluorescent green and purple monsters Mike and Sulley, and their quest for the ultimate Monstropolis scream record.  Such a cool and cleverly funny movie, Monsters Inc is definitely worthy of basing your fancy dress costume on this party season.  TWENTY-THREE NINETEEN!!  TWENTY-THREE NINETEEN!! 
And what a nifty idea for a couple to wear their sexy Monsters Inc costumes so they can go to the party as a matching set.  Look out, here comes Googlie Bear and Schmoopsie-poo!  Or a more amusing matching set could be the lovable monsters Mike Wazowski (Mikey) and James P Sullivan (Sulley) the main characters in the movie.  Don’t forget, you can hot things up and make these monsters really work for you and your partner.  Opt for the more minimalist (do we call it naughty?) approach and make your monster costume tease and tantalise on party night.  Just because Mike Wazowski is a one-eyed ball-shaped monster… doesn’t mean you can’t turn your Monsters Inc costume into a much sexier version by the addition of a little bling, some bare skin (in all the right places)… and lashings of glamorous faux fur!
Or a group of you could wear Monsters Inc costumes and make it a crazy, kooky theme kind of thing!  To hell with whatever the official theme of the party is.  Besides, a Monster just about covers most party themes anyway doesn’t it?  Horror – check.  Fairytale – check.  Animals, Circus or Superheroes – check, check, check!  And I’m sure there would have definitely been Monsters around in the 50s, 60s or 70s – although they’d be a lot less interesting than the outrageously colourful Monsters Inc ones we are lucky enough to scare our children with now.  Dress up as any of the characters in the movie like the adorable and cutesy-wootsy Boo for example (her real name is Mary).  Or Randall -the sneaky, slithery meanie monster responsible for inventing the dreaded Scream Extractor.  Or how about Mr Waternoose - the crafty and rather arrogant boss monster who is wanted by the CDA for fraudulent company activity.  Kids these days – they just don’t get scared like they used to.  That’s just one of the quirky movie quotes you should learn if you intend on successfully wearing Monsters Inc costumes to a party.
Then there’s Roz – that big, sluggy, slimy-looking monster with the pointy spectacles whose life work is to chase Mikey for his paperwork.   I’m watching you Wazowski.  Always watching….  I rather fancy this as a Monsters Inc costume idea because she’s just so unique, and ideal if you prefer a large, wobbly character monster costume rather than a tight skimpy, flesh-revealing costume that you have to keep hitching up and looking perfect in all night.  Sometimes it’s quite nice going to a fancy dress party wearing something you can relax in rather than having to look regimentally sexy and hot in all the time.  Put that thing back where it came from, or so help me… so help meee.
And while we’re on the subject of hotness… wearing sexy Monsters Inc costumes to a fancy dress party could actually make you the star of the show!  You never know, it could score you some much deserved attention from that gorgeously monsteriffic guy you’ve got your eye on.  Don’t take any notice of that tarty monstrous looking bimbo in the leather pants (certainly not appropriate monster attire) and her wicked intentions.  Just trust in yourself… strut your cheeky monster costume with pride and confidence and as our mate Mike Wazowski so superbly puts it - think romantical thoughts.  And may the best monster win!