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Pilot Costumes Flight Attendant Uniforms

Aviation Costumes in stock now, Dress Up in Mile High Costumes, Sexy Flight Attendant and Airline Captain Outfts, Fly High at your Party & Dress Up in our Sexy Pilot & Captain Costumes. No sneaking off behind the seats, the Air Hostess has an eye on you, she maybe interested too. Fun & Fantasy will make a great Party Theme
You’ll be up, up and away wearing our gorgeous range of Pilot Costumes and frisky Flight Attendant Costumes at the next fancy dress party.  You are what you wear… in our First Class Flirt Airline Captain Costume although you’d better watch that wearing our sexy Mile High Captain Costume.  You’re the party hostess with the mostest in our spandex Sky High Hostess Costume while our Airlines Frieda Mingle Pilot Costume has a satin waist cincher for extra first class hotness.  Don’t forget the cool aviator sunglasses when you wear our Top Gun Womens Flight Dress or feel the need for speed in our sexy Top Gun Womens Bomber Jacket Set… great balls of fire!  Come in for landing in our cute Aviator Flight Pilot Costume - the matching pilot hat and goggles will keep all those pesky wingmen grounded.  You’ll never have to worry about enemy aircraft wearing sexy Pilot Costumes and Flight Attendant Uniforms from Abfabulous.  Over… and out.